November 2010

Law Society budget for 2011 approved
Convocation approved a 2011 budget that strengthens its regulatory processes and maintains support to the profession. The budget provides for modest increases of $49 (2.8 per cent) to the annual fee for lawyers and $24 (2.6 per cent) to the annual fee for paralegals. The total annual fee for lawyers will be $1,785. The total annual fee for paralegals will be $957. News release. Fact sheet. Summary. Full report.

LibraryCo Inc. budget approved
Convocation approved the 2011 LibraryCo Inc. budget of $8.2 million, which includes a 2.2% increase over 2010 for law library grants. The increase will be funded through additional fee revenue as a result of an increase of 1,000 in the number of lawyers and LibraryCo’s greater use of the General Fund and Reserve Fund. Full report.

New bencher elected
Susan Armatage Richer was elected bencher to fill the vacancy created when Paul J. Henderson was appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice.  Bencher Alan G. Silverstein was elected to replace Paul Henderson as regional bencher for the Central West Region. Motion.

Conduct rules amended re: communication with organizational clients
The Rules of Professional Conduct and the Paralegal Rules of Conduct were amended to clarify the ethical obligations of lawyers and paralegals when they communicate with represented corporations or organizations.  Full report (Professional Regulation).
Full report (Paralegal Standing).

By-Law 3 amended re: remuneration year and bencher election
By-Law 3 [Benchers, Convocation and Committees] was amended to clarify the remuneration year for paralegal benchers and paralegal members of the Paralegal Standing Committee, whose election is at a different date than lawyer benchers.  Full report.

By-Law 3 was also amended to implement Convocation’s decision in October 2010 to conduct lawyer bencher elections online.  Motion.

Law Society makes submission re: Bill C-35, An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
The Law Society made a submission to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration requesting that Bill C-35 be amended to permit the provision of immigration consulting services by paralegals licensed by the Law Society.  The bill was amended as requested and is now at the House of Commons for Third Reading. Full report.

New external appointments process established
The Law Society has established a new electronic application process and resume bank to assist the Law Society in making recommendations for appointments to the board of Legal Aid Ontario, the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee and the Justices of the Peace Review Council. Full reportMore information and application form.

Human Rights Monitoring Group
Convocation approved the Human Rights Monitoring Group’s proposed interventions in the following cases:

  • Lawyer in Iran – Houtan Kian;
  • Lawyer in Kyrgyzstan – Tahir Asanov;
  • Lawyer in Russia – Sapiyat;
  • Judges in Tunisia.

Full report.

Convocation made the following appointments:

  • Bencher Alan Silverstein was appointed to the Board of Directors of LibraryCo to replace Paul Henderson.
  • Benchers Carl Fleck, Susan McGrath, Alan Silverstein and Gerald Swaye were reappointed to the Board of Directors of LibraryCo effective December 31, 2010.
  • Bencher Susan McGrath was appointed to the Paralegal Standing Committee to replace Paul Henderson.
  • Bencher Susan McGrath was appointed Chair of the Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee to replace Paul Henderson.
  • Bencher Alan Gold was reappointed to the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee effective January 21, 2011.
  • Bencher Susan Richer was appointed to the Law Society Hearing Panel and the Professional Regulation Committee.
  • Bencher Avvy Go was reappointed to the Ontario Justice Education Network Board of Directors for a term of three years.
  • Bencher Larry Banack was appointed to the Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee.
  • Bencher William Simpson was appointed as Co-Chair of the Access to Justice Committee to replace Paul Henderson.
  • The following benchers were appointed to the Law Society Medal/Lincoln Alexander/Laura Legge Award Committees: Christopher Bredt, Glenn Hainey, Carol Hartman, Susan McGrath, and Jack Rabinovitch.
  • The following benchers were appointed to the LL.D. Advisory Committee: Christopher Bredt, Glenn Hainey, Carol Hartman, Susan McGrath, and Jack Rabinovitch.



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