June 2011


Treasurer Laurie H. Pawlitza Elected by Acclamation for Second Term
Treasurer Laurie H. Pawlitza has been elected by acclamation for a second term as head of the Law Society. “I am grateful to my fellow benchers for supporting me in the continuation of the work we began over the past year on critical issues such as the articling requirement and access to justice,” says Treasurer Pawlitza.  “The Law Society has a significant role to play in addressing the needs of self-represented individuals, particularly in the area of family law, and we will be defining that role in the coming months.”  Media release.

Articling Task Force Formed
Convocation approved the establishment of the Articling Task Force to address concerns about the articling program, relating in particular to the growing number of unplaced candidates.

The Task Force will examine the competency-related principles that articling is intended to address, its effectiveness in addressing those principles and consider additional approaches to articling.

The Law Society has been monitoring articling issues for several years, and has invested significant resources in trying to help the profession support the current articling process.

A recent report by the Professional Development and Competence Department highlights the continuing difficulties with articling  placement and the likelihood of these difficulties increasing.  These and other issues will be thoroughly examined by the Task Force. Full report.

Working Group on Bencher Election established
Convocation approved the establishment of a Working Group on the Bencher Election. The Working Group’s review will include examination of election processes and procedures following completion of the 2011 election, including the nomination process, the length of the election period and voting period, and campaign materials and methods. Full report.

By-Law 4 amended
Convocation amended By-Law 4 to reflect its April 28, 2011 policy decisions regarding revisions to the licensing examination process.  Convocation also amended the by-law to correct a qualification relating to the provision of legal services by law students, other than articling students. Full report.

Adjudicator Code of Conduct amended
Convocation amended the Adjudicator Code of Conduct to reflect its decision of April 28, 2011 to prohibit all members of the Hearing and Appeal Panels from acting as representatives of licensees who are the subject of an investigation by the Law Society. Full report.

Convocation approved a series of appointments.  Appointment details.

Statistical Snapshot of Lawyers and Paralegals in Ontario
As part of its commitment to supporting diversity in the legal profession, the Law Society asked lawyers and paralegals to answer a voluntary demographic question in their 2009 annual report to the Law Society.  The response rate was excellent. Approximately 58% of paralegals and 51% of lawyers answered the question, providing an accurate 'snapshot' of the demographic makeup of the profession. Full report




Tribunals Committee

  • Amendment to Adjudicator Code of Conduct

Finance Committee

Professional Development and Competence Committee - By-Law 4 Amendments

Treasurer's Report

Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence

  • Deemed Call Candidates


Priority Planning Committee

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee/Comité sur l’équité et les affaires autochtones

  • Equity Advisory Group Appointments
  • Lawyer and Paralegal Annual Reports – Snapshot of the Professions
  • Information Reports:  Equity Advisor, Aboriginal Initiatives Counsel, The Retention of Women in Private Practice and Human Rights Monitoring Group Reports