December 2011


Law Society to consult profession on articling program options
Convocation approved the dissemination of the Articling Task Force’s consultation report which outlines five options to address articling issues. The profession is encouraged to review the report and provide written comment by March 15, 2012.

 The options are:

  1. The status quo
  2. The status quo with quality assurance improvements
  3. The replacement of a pre-licensing transition requirement with a post-licensing transition requirement
  4. Either an articling requirement or a practical legal training course requirement
  5. Only a practical legal training course requirement

Report to ConvocationConsultation report.

Proposal to initiate development of pilot online family law platform approved
The Access to Justice Committee’s proposal to initiate the development of a pilot online, unified family law platform was approved by Convocation.  The proposed platform will create an online resource that will organize currently available information and provide a “first stop” for users requiring assistance with family law disputes. The project is intended to be a collaborative effort between the Law Society and other organizations that provide family law content. Convocation also approved a budget of $170,000.00.  Full report.

Career counselling resource pilot program approved
Convocation approved the development of a career counselling pilot program for women lawyers who work as sole practitioners or in small firms and who take leave from practice for maternity, parental and/or compassionate reasons. The program, a recommendation of the Return to Practice Working Group of the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee, will provide access to up to six hours of career counselling and/or coaching services.  Convocation also approved the 2012 program budget of $87,750.00. Full report.  

Priorities set for 2011-2015 bencher term 
Convocation approved the following six priorities for the 2011-2015 bencher term.  

  1. Access to justice
  2. Competence and professional standards
  3. Equity, diversity and retention
  4. Tribunal issues
  5. Business structures / law firm financing
  6. Professional regulation

Convocation also agreed to treat effective communication and outreach and Convocation governance effectiveness as important ongoing objectives for the Law Society.

The process to identify the priorities began at a Bencher Priority Planning session held in September. Full report.



Priority Planning Committee Report

  • Convocation’s Priority Planning

Articling Task Force Report

Report of the Director of Professional Development and Competence
  • Deemed Call Candidates

Access to Justice Committee Report

  • Family Matters – A Proposal for a Unified Family Law Platform

Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee

  • Return to Practice Working Group Report

For Information

  • Comments on the Consultation Paper Measuring Diversity in Law Firms – A Critical Tool for Achieving High Performance
  • Public Education Equality and Rule of Law Series Calendar to June 2012

Finance Committee Report

  • Budget Request for Family Matters – A Proposal for a Unified Family Law Platform (Access to Justice
  • Budget Request for Return to Practice Career Counselling and/or Coaching Services (Equity and
    Aboriginal Issues Committee)