February 2002

February 20, 2002

Award in Honour of Colonel The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander Established
| The Law Society will now present an award in the honour of Lincoln M. Alexander each year to a member of the profession for demonstration of longstanding interest and commitment to the pursuit of community service on behalf of residents of Ontario. The Law Society chose to honour Colonel The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander due to his dedicated work on behalf the community. The award will be presented at the annual Law Society Medal Awards Ceremony.

Convocation Approves Interim Report on Mobility in Principle
Convocation approved in principle the interim report of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada's Task Force on Mobility. The report, distributed to provincial and territorial law societies for consideration, sets out the general approach being considered by the Task Force. The Task Force's report will be presented and debated at the Federation's meeting in Montreal on March 1, 2002. The task force will then prepare a draft protocol for consideration of law societies prior to the Federation meeting in August 2002.

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility Committee Report

By-Laws 13 and 28 Amended to Implement the Private Practice Refresher Program
By-Law 13 (Membership) and By-Law 28 (Requalification) were amended in order to implement the Private Practice Refresher Program approved by Convocation in September 2001.

Professional Development and Competence Committee Report including motions to amend By-Laws

Proposed Guidelines for Lawyers Acting in Aboriginal Residential School Cases to be Made Available for Comment
Proposed guidelines for lawyers acting in Aboriginal residential school litigation were presented to Convocation for information. The proposed guidelines will be made available to the profession for comment. Representatives of the Aboriginal community will be consulted on the guidelines.

Professional Regulation Committee Report

Appointments Under By-Law 34
George Hunter, Janet Minor and Niels Ortved were appointed to consider applications for review and appeals under By-Law 34 [Professional Corporations].

Items Referred Back to Committee
Three agenda items were referred back to committee and will be brought back to Convocation at a later date:

  1. Military Judges: Membership in Abeyance (Admissions Committee and Professional Regulation Committee)
  2. Reconsideration of Policies Respecting Confidentiality of Practice Reviews (Professional Development & Competence Committee)
  3. Model Policy on Harassment Discrimination (Equity Committee)

Agenda and Minutes