March 2005

March 24, 2005

Law Society releases report on mortgage fraud
The Law Society released an information report on mortgage fraud in March that summarizes the issue and its scope, gives an overview of the mortgage process and opportunities for fraud to occur, and summarizes what the Law Society and its partners in the mortgage industry are doing to prevent and reduce fraud.

Convocation promotes respect for religious and spiritual beliefs
Convocation approved in March 2005 a statement of principles that promotes religious respect in the legal profession and discourages all forms of religious discrimination and hatred. Specifically, the Statement of Principles recognizes that:

  • Respect for religious diversity advances the cause of justice.
  • The rule of law is enhanced when religiously motivated discrimination or hatred is not tolerated.
  • There continues to be a disturbing number of incidents of religious discrimination and religiously motivated hate crimes in Ontario and in Canada, as well as in the world.
  • The laws of Ontario and Canada guarantee freedom of conscience and religion, and prohibit discrimination and the willful promotion of hatred on the basis of religion or creed.
  • The international community has condemned religious discrimination as harmful and unacceptable, and has recommended that measures be undertaken to combat religious hatred and discrimination.
  • Although particular groups may be frequent targets of religious discrimination, religious hatred and discrimination is a problem of Canadian society as a whole.

The Law Society of Upper Canada condemns in the strongest terms all manifestations and forms of hatred and discrimination based upon religious and spiritual beliefs. Although current circumstances centre predominantly on issues of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, the Law Society condemns all forms of religious intolerance directed at any group or community.

The Law Society of Upper Canada undertakes to promote and support religious understanding and respect both inside and outside the legal profession.

More information is available in the March 2005 Report of the Equity and Aboriginal Issues Committee/Comite sur l'equite et les affaires autochtones .

Finance and Audit Committee to report on implementation of bencher remuneration
The Law's Society's Finance Department will be developing an implementation plan for bencher remuneration that will be brought forward to Convocation at a later date by the Finance and Audit Committee..

Lawyers in Ontario voted in favour of a specific proposal for bencher remuneration in a referendum that concluded February 28.



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