General Information: Fees, Billing, Refunds

Paying your Fees

All fees are to be paid online by logging into your secure and confidential Law Society web account. You may also pay in person at the Customer Service Centre (CSC) window on the main floor of the Law Society of Ontario building during regular business hours. The CSC accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards and certified cheques or money orders. If you are unable to pay online or in person, you may fax or mail your fee invoice and credit card payment information to the Accounts Office of the Law Society of Ontario.

If a portion or all of your fees will be paid by a third party, please provide the third party with a copy of your invoice(s) for payment. They must submit the invoice with payment information directly to the Accounts Office of the Law Society or present it to Law Society staff at the CSC window if they pay in person. 

Please note the Law Society does not accept pre-loaded credit cards, Visa debit cards or personal cheques as a method of payment.

Invoices posted in your web account

All invoices will be posted in your secure and confidential Law Society web account once you are billed for any item. Please access this account regularly in order to review your account balance, view any new billings and to obtain a copy of your invoice(s).

Your personalized invoices will include a due date for payment. Please adhere to this deadline so that you do not delay or jeopardize your enrollment and registration in the Licensing Process. If the due date is the same as the billing date on your invoice, the payment is due upon receipt.

If you choose to defer your examination to a later date, your previous billing will be reversed and you will be issued a new invoice for the appropriate Licensing Examination sitting. You are required to pay the newly issued invoice if you have not already done so.

Note: Candidates who re-write a Licensing Examination in a subsequent Licensing Year will be billed for the revised study materials. This also applies to candidates deferring a Licensing Examination from one Licensing Year to the next. 

Processing timelines for payments received (in person or online)

Payments submitted to the Accounts Office or online are normally reflected in your account within two to three business days (except during peak periods of payment processing which occurs from November to January and April to May where processing times are increased due to volume).


Allowable refunds will be processed at the request of the candidate. Please allow approximately four to six weeks for refunds to be processed by the Accounts Office.

You must pay the Experiential Training Fee, which goes towards the costs of administering experiential training programs for lawyer licensing candidates. The invoice for this fee is posted to your Law Society account, and is payable forthwith. Please note that the experiential training fee for the Articling Program is not refundable, once you commence the Articling Program. Information regarding financial assistance may be found at the following page:

Refunds will not be provided for Licensing Examination study materials once purchased, under any circumstances.

If a candidate does not attend the Licensing Examination for which they were registered, the candidate's examination fee will not be refunded or applied to a future sitting. The candidate will forfeit the fee if their absence has not been approved by the Law Society in writing as an “excused absence”.

All refunds are reimbursed back to the candidate, (regardless of who paid the original invoice) in the payment format originally provided to the Law Society. For example, a candidate who paid online by credit card would have the refund amount returned back to that credit card. 

Rejected Transactions - Monthly Payment Plan

The Law Society will notify candidates of a rejected credit card transaction through their online account. Candidates must resolve any matter pertaining to a rejected transaction within 10 business days of the notice.  

The Law Society will attempt to reprocess the rejected transaction on the 11th business day. If the second attempt to process the transaction is declined, the candidate will be removed from the monthly payment plan. 

A request to defer the processing of any cheque or credit card transaction constitutes a stop payment and will count as a non-negotiable/rejected item.

Candidates with two rejected transactions during the term of the payment plan will be permanently removed from the Monthly Payment Plan option and the Licensing Process Fees owing will become payable immediately.

Overdue fees may result in the candidate being ineligible to sit a Licensing Examination or withdrawn from the Licensing Process for non-payment.

Law Practice Program (LPP) Refund Policy - Applicable only to Lawyer Candidates

 **LPP notice to candidates**:

At the current time, the LPP has been approved to run until the 2018/2019 term. The evaluation of the program is ongoing and further information about future sessions of the LPP, including applicable dates and deadlines, will be posted as it becomes available. Candidates are encouraged to check the "Become a Lawyer" section of the Law Society website and their licensing process web account regularly.  

Candidates seeking to transfer from the Law Practice Program to the Articling Program may do so within the same licensing cycle without penalty. Candidates seeking to transfer from the Articling Program to the LPP in a subsequent licensing cycle are required to pay an additional program fee for the LPP. Candidates seeking to otherwise withdraw from the Law Practice Program are advised of the following deadlines:

Withdrawal Date Experiential Training Fee Refund Policy
Within the first 2 weeks of the LPP 100%
After the first 2 weeks but within the first 4 weeks of the LPP 50%
After the first 4 weeks of the LPP No Refund

Specific withdrawal dates can be found on the LPP webpage.
For further information, please contact the Law Society through your online account.

Monthly Payment Plan and Repayable Allowance Program Information

See sections entitled “Fees and Forms” and "Support Services/Financial Assistance" for further information. Please contact the Law Society through your online account for information on these payment options.

Late fees

A non-refundable late filing fee of $100 (plus applicable tax) is applicable for each document submitted past a posted deadline.


Receipts for payments made online are available once payment is made online and should be printed by the candidate for their records at the time of processing. If a candidate provides their payment to the Accounts Office they must request a receipt in writing from the Accounts Office. Please note that the online payment system is unable to provide a list of past payments made by the candidate. It is up to the candidate to ensure they print off or obtain a receipt after each payment is made.

T2202A tax receipts

Tax receipts are issued by the end of February of each year. The receipts are issued to candidates who paid and received a service/item in the previous calendar year.

The receipt is posted in a candidate’s account if they are in the Licensing Process at the time of issue. Alternatively, if the candidate has since been licensed or withdrawn, the receipt is mailed to the last known address on file with the Law Society. Licensees who wish to obtain an additional copy of the receipt must pay for and request it in writing to the Licensing and Accreditation Department.

Please note the T2202A receipt does not include any incidental charges. For more information on what incidental charges are, please see the “Fees and Forms” section of the website in the section called "Fees Schedule".

Contact Information for any Financial/Account questions:

All Payments are to be made online or sent to:

Accounts Office
Law Society of Ontario 
130 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5H 2N6

Payment Inquiries are to be sent to:
Tel: 416-947-5201
Fax: 416-947-3305

NOTE: Specific questions regarding refund requests, invoicing, examinations, scheduling and deadlines should be directed to the Licensing and Accreditation Department.

Monthly Payment Plan Changes:
Tel: 416-947-5201
Fax: 416-947-3305

Financial Assistance (Licensing Process):
Tel: 416-947-3315
Fax: 416-947-3403
email: via your candidate online account
Tax Receipts (Licensing Process):
Tel: 416-947-3315
Fax: 416-947-9070
email: via your candidate online account or if you have already been licensed, please email

Changes to contact information:
Should be completed online via your candidate account.