Recruitment Procedures

The Law Society sets out Procedures governing the recruitment of students for summer positions in the City of Toronto as well as Procedures for the recruitment of articling candidates across the province of Ontario. These Procedures are binding on members, students and licensing process candidates and are to be followed in letter as well as in spirit.

2018 Toronto Summer Student Recruitment Procedures

2018-2019 Articling Recruitment Procedures  

Summary of Hiring Practice Guidelines


Explanatory Note – Recent Adjustments to the Recruitment Procedures

The Law Society of Upper Canada has recently adjusted the times for conducting interviews and making offers during designated interview weeks in Toronto. This adjustment is informed by feedback received by lawyers, firms, students and law schools, and takes effect in the “2018-2019 Articling Recruitment Procedures” (hereafter referred to as the “Articling Procedures”) and the “2018 Toronto Summer Student Recruitment Procedures” (the “Summer Procedures”). 

The dates and times that interviews are allowed to be conducted and offers are allowed to be made during designated interview weeks in Toronto have been adjusted in both the Articling Procedures and the Summer Procedures. The “cooling off period” during designated interview weeks – a period between the latest time until which firms may conduct interviews and the earliest time that firms may communicate offers of employment – has been shortened to take place during the afternoon of the third day of the designated interview week. Firms may now begin to communicate offers of employment beginning at 5:00 p.m. on the third day of the designated interview week. 

The revised procedures relating to the time for making offers and the “cooling off period” may be found in the Articling Procedures at Sections C.6 and C.7, and in the Summer Procedures at Sections C.7, C.8, D.6 and D.7. 

Participants in law student recruitment are encouraged to review the relevant documents in full, and to contact the Law Society should they require any clarification or assistance.