Effective Practice Management for Paralegals - Resources

Some of the resources referenced below were written for lawyers. However, much of the information they contain may also be useful to paralegals. Note that you can also use the advanced search function on the Law Society website by selecting "title" and "phrase" and entering the hyperlink label name to locate materials on the topics identified.

General References:

A1a - Contingency Planning

A1b - Power of Attorney

A2a - Business Arrangements

A2b - Space Sharing

A2b - Written Business Arrangements/Partnership Agreements

  • Rule 3.04(14) to (17), Paralegal Rules of Conduct (multi-discpline practices and affiliations)
  • Great Library Stacks -- Precedent Partnership Agreement for a Law Firm - Ontario Bar Association, 2008 (KF 318 A2 0583 2008)
  • Great Library Stacks -- Model Partnership Agreement, Kellough (KF 318 M62 1990)
  • Subsection 3(2), By-Law 7.1
  • Part IV, By-Law 7
  • Sample Associate Agreement (in PDF and MS Word on LawPRO's practicePRO website)

A2b - Written Partnership Agreement

  • Great Library Stacks -- Managing Your Law Firm, 2000 Update (KF 318 M369 1996 ST), chapter 7 "Partnership Agreement for a Small Firm"
  • "Divorcing your Partners: Surviving a Firm Break-up", by Hardie, R. (May 9, 2008) - Available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca
  • Annotated Business Agreements - Available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca- see "Annotated Partnership Agreement", by Manzer, A. (September 18, 2008)

A3 - Written Office Manual

A5 - Marketing - Firm Name & General

A7 - Unauthorized Access

B1 - Prospective Clients

B2 - Discussion of Retainer

B3 - Written Retainers - Use

B4 - Written Retainers - Sufficiency

B5 - Monetary Retainers

B6 - Conflicts Management

B7 - Conflicts of Interest

B8/9 - Client Communication

B10 - Email Communication

C1 - Separate Files for Each Retainer

C2 - Key Information in File

C3 - Notation of Key Dates

C4 - File Organization

C5/6 - File Management Systems

C7 - File Storage

C9 - Tickler System

C10 - Bring Forward System

C11 - File Review

C12 - Managing Work Load

  • Rule 3.01 and 8.01,  Paralegal Rules of Conduct
  • Guideline 6 (Competence and Quality of Service) paragraphs 12 and 13, Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines

D2 - Detailed Time Dockets

D3 - Account Detail

D4 - Billing Procedure

D5 - Managing Accounts Receivable

D6 - Deposit Funds in Trust Account

D7 - Financial Record Keeping General Obligations

D7a - General Receipts and Disbursement Journals

D7b - Trust Receipts and Disbursement Journals

D7c - Client Ledger Cards

D7d - Monthly Trust Reconciliations

D7e - Cashed Cheques

D8 - Trust Comparisons

D9 - Trust Reconciliations

D10 - Cash Receipts

D11 - Current Books and Records

D12 - Trust Deposit Slips

D13 - Financial Controls

E1 - Office Equipment

E2 - Data Security

F1 - Professional Competency

G2 - Time Dockets for Billable and Non-Billable Time

G3 - Time Reports

  • "Taking your Financial Pulse: Meaningful Financial Analysis for a Profitable Solo and Small Firm"by Bilinsky, D., et al (2007) - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca
  • "PC Law and Understanding your Bottom Line"by Bilinksy, D., et al, (2008) - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca

G4 - Delegation and Supervision

G5 - Timeliness

H1 - Regular Vacation

H2 - Network of Colleagues

H3 - Stress Management

  • "Work Life Balance: Eliminating Stress & Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle"by Shapiro, N. and "Tips for Wellness and Balance for the Sole Practitioner"by Gold, D.J. - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca
  • "Time Management: Working Smarter to Reduce Work Overload Stress"by Bilinsky D. And Pinnington D. (2008) - available online through the Great Library at www.infolocate.ca
  • Member Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Wellness and Balance Resources (practicePRO)