Syria: Moustafa

Mr. Radeef Moustafa is the president of the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights and coordinator of the Syria Coalition against Capital Punishment. He has provided pro bono legal services to human rights defenders in Syria, such as Mr. Muhannad Al-Hassani, an imprisoned lawyer and president of the Syrian Human Rights Organization (SHRO).

In response to Mr. Moustafa’s activities in support of human rights defenders and the Kurdish minority in Syria, he has experienced ongoing harassment from Syrian authorities. According to reports, he has been subjected to travel restrictions and most recently was summoned for a disciplinary hearing on December 2010 with the Syrian Bar Association. The grounds for referral include membership in a non-licensed organization, incitement against Syrian authorities through his writing and harming national unity by publishing unfounded news. He is also accused of committing crimes against state security. There are ongoing concerns about Mr. Moustafa’s risk of disbarment and imprisonment.  

Letter of Intervention