February 2012


New Appeal Panel Rules approved
Convocation approved new Appeal Panel Rules of Practice and Procedure and related forms. Continuing the Law Society's commitment to an open and transparent adjudicative process, the new rules introduce new provisions and reform and enhance certain existing provisions. The new rules will be effective July 1, 2012 and will apply to proceedings that begin on or after that date. The current rule will continue to apply to proceedings commenced prior to July 1, 2012. Full report.

Guidelines for Residential School Abuse Cases revised
Convocation amended The Guidelines for Lawyers Acting in Cases involving Claims of Aboriginal Residential School Abuse to update references to the Rules of Professional Conduct and to add references to the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. The Guidelines were originally adopted by Convocation in October 2003. Full report.

Lay bencher remuneration to be supplemented by Law Society
Lay benchers will now receive from the Law Society a supplement to the per diem amount paid to them by the Province of Ontario for their Law Society adjudicator work. With the supplement, lay benchers, who are appointed and paid by the Province, will be remunerated for adjudicator work at the same level as other non-bencher adjudicators. Convocation also decided that the Law Society will reimburse lay benchers for travel time and meal expenses on the same level as other benchers.

Convocation authorizes Treasurer to sign the proxy in favour of proposed LibraryCo Inc. shareholder resolutions
Convocation authorized the Treasurer to sign the proxy in favour of proposed LibraryCo Inc. shareholder resolutions at the Annual and General Meeting of Shareholders of LibraryCo Inc. to be held April 25, 2012.


Convocation reappointed Stindar K. Lal, Q.C. as the Complaints Resolution Commissioner under subsection 49.14(3) of the Law Society Act for a two-year term commencing April 1, 2012.

Roger Leclaire, Caroline Rowan and Ted Yao were appointed to the Law Society Hearing Panel pursuant to section 49.21 of the Law Society Act for a term ending May 26, 2013.


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