Russia, Magomedova (April 2012)

The Law Society expresses its support for the closing of criminal proceedings against Ms. Magomedova. Ms. Magomedova was attacked by police officers while attempting to visit a client at Khasavyurt town police station on June 17, 2010. Ms. Magomedova was hospitalized after being beaten to the point of unconsciousness. After the attack, a criminal investigation was opened against the officers, and Ms. Magomedova herself was also charged criminally.

On March 14, 2012, Ms. Magomedova learned that the criminal investigations against both her and the officers had been closed several months prior. While the Law Society welcomes the closing of the criminal case against Ms. Magomedova, it remains deeply concerned about the failure to thoroughly investigate the police officers responsible for the attack. Further, the Law Society is concerned that nearly two years after the attack, Ms. Magomedova's attackers still have not been brought to justice.

Letter to President