For the Record: Annual General Meeting of May 8, 2013

The clarification below is from John Tzanis, President of the Paralegal Society of Ontario, and relates to matters arising from a Motion that Mr. Tzanis and 9 other licensees of the Law Society intended to bring to the Law Society's Annual General Meeting of May 8, 2013.
The motion was withdrawn by the 10 licensees earlier in the day of May 8th, and therefore was not brought to the Annual General Meeting.
On May 8th, at the time that the motion was withdrawn, Mr. Tzanis posted his comments on the reasons for the withdrawal of the motion. Those comments can be found here.

John Tzanis: Clarification
"I regret that my posted comments of yesterday have been misunderstood and may have led to incorrect information being passed on at the AGM. This was due to my combining views of my own with those of others.

"I would like to clarify that, in his call to me, OBA President Morris Chochla told me that the paralegal motion was not a good approach in light of my often stated desire to reach out to the legal profession. I was persuaded that this was true. To be clear, there was no agreement between the OBA and me or the PSO to address an expanded scope of practise, nor any conditions for withdrawal of the motion. Morris Chochla did, in fact, advise me that members of the OBA were opposed to the motion and had significant concerns about expanded scope of practice in certain areas. He advised he intended to speak against the motion if it went forward. 

"The Law Society has always indicated it would seriously study the Morris recommendations and I am satisfied that they will do just that. There was, however, no agreement by them to expand the scope of practice as a condition of withdrawing the motion.

"These are complex issues and I deeply regret if what I have said has set back our relationships."