United Arab Emirates - Lawyers and judges - July 2013 Summary

The Law Society of Upper Canada voices its grave concern over the arrest, detention,  trial and conviction of human rights lawyers, judges and activists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) . 

On July 2, 2013, the verdict was handed down in the case of 94 government critics in the UAE, who have been on trial since March 4, 2013. According to recent reports, the UAE State Security Court sentenced 68 of the 94 critics for allegedly "plotting to overthrow the state". While the details of the verdict are not yet known, those convicted include prominent human rights lawyers Dr. Mohamed al-Mansoori and Dr. Mohamed 'Abdullah al-Roken, who were sentenced to 10 years in prison. Many of the defendants are believed to be members of the Reform and Social Guidance Association (al-Islah), a peaceful group that advocates for greater adherence to Islamic precepts. Al-Islah has never been known to use or advocate the use of any violence.

Letter of intervention