Identification And Verification Requirements For Lawyers Appendix 4

Sample Form: Attestation For Verification of Identity When the Client or Third Party is Present in Canada and is not Instructing the Lawyer Face to Face

The following sample form document has been prepared to assist lawyers to comply with their professional obligations when obtaining attestations from a commissioner of oaths or other guarantor where the individual whose identity is being verified is present in Canada, but is not meeting with the lawyer face to face. This sample form should be modified to suit the circumstances of the particular matter or transaction.


The Attestor should photocopy the identity document being used to verify identity and ensure that it is legible, unexpired and shows the name of the person whose identity is being verified, the number of the document, the name of the issuing authority, the date of issue and a photograph of the person.

The Attestor will print the following attestation on this photocopy and date and sign the attestation.

I, the Attestor named below, hereby certify to [name of lawyer receiving the attestation] that I met with [insert name of person] on [insert date] and verified this person’s identity by examining the original of this person’s identity document, of which a photocopy is contained on this page. The photograph in the identity document is a true likeness of the said person and to the best of my knowledge and belief, the identity document that I examined is valid and unexpired.

Attested to by me at                                      , on                                  , 20

Signature of Attestor:

Printed Name of Attestor:

Title or Profession of Attestor:

Address of Attestor for Service:

Telephone Number of Attestor: