August 9, 2016 Convocation


Tanya Walker elected as bencher

Tanya Walker of Toronto was elected as bencher. Ms. Walker is a commercial litigator and proprietor of the law firm Walker Law Professional Corporation. Ms. Walker was elected to fill the vacancy created by the election of Paul B. Schabas as Treasurer. 


Convocation approved a series of committee and other appointments. View the full list of committee and external appointments

Law Society Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs

 Access to Justice
Howard Goldblatt (Chair)
Janet Leiper (Vice-Chair)
Gina Papageorgiou (Vice-Chair)

Audit & Finance
Christopher Bredt (Chair)
Teresa Donnelly (Vice-Chair)
Suzanne Clément (Vice-Chair)

Paul Schabas (Chair)

Compensation Fund
Carol Hartman (Chair)
Michelle Haigh (Vice-Chair)

Equity and Aboriginal Issues
Dianne Corbiere (Co-Chair)
Julian Falconer (Co-Chair)
Sandra Nishikawa (Vice-Chair)
Gina Papageorgiou (Vice-Chair)

Government and Public Affairs
John Callaghan (Chair)
Marion Boyd (Vice-Chair)
William McDowell (Vice-Chair)

Inter-Jurisdictional Mobility
Michael Lerner (Chair)
Jacqueline Horvat (Vice-Chair)

Law Society Awards
Paul Schabas (Chair)

Law Society LLD Advisory
Paul Schabas (Chair)

Jacqueline Horvat (Chair)
Peter Wardle (Vice-Chair)

Paralegal Standing
Michelle Haigh (Chair)
Janis Criger (Vice-Chair)

Priority Planning
Paul Schabas (Chair)

Professional Development and Competence
Peter Wardle (Chair)
Jacqueline Horvat (Vice-Chair)
Joanne St. Lewis (Vice-Chair)

Professional Regulation
William McDowell (Chair)
Jonathan Rosenthal (Vice-Chair)
Malcolm Mercer (Vice-Chair)

Barbara Murchie (Chair)
Isfahan Merali (Vice-Chair)

Task Forces and Working Groups

Compliance-Based Entity Regulation Task Force
Ross Earnshaw (Chair)

Advertising and Fee Arrangements Issues Working Group
Malcolm Mercer (Chair)

Alternative Business Structures Working Group
Susan McGrath (Co-Chair)
Malcolm Mercer (Co-Chair)

Disclosure Working Group
Malcolm Mercer (Chair)

Human Rights Monitoring Group
Teresa Donnelly (Chair)